Spearfishing and hunting underwater is unbelievably fun. Divers wanting to spearfish with spearguns need to be Advanced Open Water certified and have their Nitrox certification. We can train you from Open Water Diver to Nitrox to Advanced Open Water. After you get these certifications and a few dives under your belt, its time to start learning how to spearfish. Make no mistake, spearfishing can be a very dangerous sport for the inexperienced diver. You should be very comfortable in the water and your trim and bouyancy control must be finely tuned if you expect to hit anything. Another important aspect is air consumption. Spearfishing is very exciting and new divers typically consume air much faster when trying to shoot fish.

We can arrange Charters for you and guide you on your spearfishing excursion. We can also provide guns but we highly recommend that you make the investment and buy your own speargun so you are familiar with it's operation. For the guns and equipment we recommend please call us for details. We can get you special prices on spearguns. Please call for pricing for spearfishing charters.

For more on spearfishing and how it feels to hunt underwater, click here.

What we cover in a Spearfishing Trip:

  • Fish ID , Survey of Marine Life
  • Ecology and Conservation, Lionfish Eradication
  • Collection Techniques
  • Spearfishing Techniques, Guns& Rigging, Polespears
  • Spearfishing rules
  • Invertebrate Collecting, Lobsters etc.
  • Safety