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The open water course is the beginning of your entry into the world of scuba diving. This certification is accepted worldwide and does not expire. We are licensed instructors through two diving agencies, PADI and SDI. If your confused about how to start diving, read on below or give us a call. 850-420-7118



The simple answer is because we care about your safety and we don't want you to get hurt after you have trained with us. Your dive certification will open up an incredible new world to explore but it's also a license to go kill yourself. Anyone who downplays that fact is being deceptive. Diving is fun, but you are dealing with the ocean and you have to be prepared. We have a perfect safety record and we are among the few instructors in the world licensed to teach Scuba and Breath -Hold Freediving. This is not a hobby for us. Diving is our life and we know what we are doing . If you train with us, you will to. We have extensive experience spearfishing and dealing with hazardous marine life. Whether you are interested in spearing lionfish , penetrating a shipwreck or just getting your family into diving, our answers to your questions are based on actual experience. We are extremely beginner friendly and we love introducing new people to diving.


Day 1 Training Location, Entrance to Cavern

Day 1 Training Location, Entrance to Cavern

  1. Call us and register for the Padi Open Water Course, ages 10+

  2. We'll get you hooked up with the Course book or online study

  3. Meet up and review academics and start in-water training

  4. In water training takes 2-3 days depending on the student. students should be comfortable in the water and able to swim, see prerequisites* (call us)

  5. Complete training, receive Open Water Diver Certification Card

  6. Go diving anywhere in the world and continue your education.

2 day PADI/sdi Open Water Diver Course $499

  • Lifetime Certification

  • Accepted Worldwide

  • Regulator, Tank & wetsuit Rental

  • Diver ID card w/ Picture


Whats next?

Sometimes its confusing when you look at all the courses offered by a training agency. We understand the PADI & SDI system and can take the mystery out of it for you. The following training schedule is what we recommend for everyone, all of the courses we have included are absolutely necessary for your growth as a diver.

1.Open Water Diver-

Learn the basics. your dive education starts here

2.Nitrox ( Enriched Air)-

Nitrox allows you to stay underwater longer by breathing gas with higher oxygen content than regular air. Longer safer dives. Required for advanced procedures like spearfishing and deep diving.

3.advanced open water-

Increase your skills with 5 different specialty dives. Deep diver planning and execution. Underwater Navigation. Then 3 elective dives. We usually do Peak Performance Bouyancy, Lionfish Containment (spearfishing), Wreck Diver or Night Diver.

4.Rescue Diver-

This is the most difficult and the most rewarding course we offer. You learn how to recognize and deal with emergency scenarios above water and below. This course is a game changer. You need to have a few dives under your belt for this one. Anyone diving with their children or loved ones needs to take this course. Course includes CPR training & Emergency Oxygen administration.

PADI course directory


Scuba Refesher


Advanced Open water

rescue diver

Spearfishing, Lionfish Containment

Deep Diver

Wreck Diver

Night Diver